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Friday, January 4, 2008

Via Crunchgear, an awesome Bumblebee creation

Papercraft Bumblebee made of KFC buckets: I want one!via CrunchGear by Matt Hickey on 1/4/08


If you’re in a repressive Communist country and have a little time to kill, what are you going to do? I mean, the Internet’s all censored, TV as well. You need a hobby, and this young man’s is papercraft, the art of sculpting complex and/or beautiful items out of paper and glue.

But this guy’s gone to the next level, and we love it. Using nothing but cardboard from Chinese KFC buckets (they have KFC in China?), he’s built a fully-posable replica of Bumblebee from last year’s Transformers movie. And it’s badassery at its finest. Hit the jump to see the final product. Then make sure to hit the guys blog at the link provided for tons more photos and a rough how to. Warning: wonderful Engrish abounds.



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